• Power and Protection: The Dragon in East Asia

  • Encountering and accessing blessings and beneficence

  • A workshop including a slide presentation and a hands-on art experience.

    Date:  Saturday, May 20, 2017

    Time:  10am - 1pm   The first segment of the 3-hour workshop is dedicated to a slide presentation.  Following that there'll be time for a hands-on art-making experience utilizing collage.  We'll conclude by sharing our collages and experience with fellow participants.

    Workshop size:  Space is limited.  Early registration is recommended!

    Teacher:  Victoria Scarlett
    Victoria is the Director of the Center for Sacred Art. Her greatest passion is guiding others in exploring and appreciating art.  Click here for more about Victoria.

  • Location: Paul Teel Arts & Crafts Room, (located in the NW Senior Center), 5429 32nd Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107.
    Located one block north of the Ballard Locks.  There are casual places to eat lunch nearby, and you might even want to enjoy a walk on the beach at Golden Gardens afterward!

    Registration:  $50   Your space in the workshop will be secured upon receipt of your registration form and payment.

    Registration form:  Click here for a printable registration form.

    For more information: call 206-781-8544 or email info@centerforsacredart.org


  • During these difficult times are you looking for ways to access power and protection?  Do you seek an energized connection with spirit?  This workshop introduces you to the dragon of East Asia, emblem of beneficence and blessing.  Exploring its vibrant presence in China and Japan, we will witness its many beautiful expressions in art and festival, and contemplate its presence in legend and philosophy.  This workshop is designed for you to reflect on the meaning of the dragon for you individually, and to creatively explore that through a hands-on art experience with collage.


    East Asian dragons represent potent and auspicious powers. For the ancient Chinese, this meant the waters, rain, thunder, lighting and the fertility that resulted.  Taoist philosophy identified the dragon with the energy of Yang--the essence of that which is focused, creative, dynamic, bright, and celestial.  In Buddhism the dragon pursues the flaming pearl, a symbol of wisdom or enlightenment.  From things physical to spiritual, the dragon is associated with flow, vitality, and empowerment.


    How can we ride the dragon and access its energy and blessings?  We'll find answers in an array of cultural expressions--from the embroidered dragon robes of Chinese emperors, and the festive exuberance of Chinese New Year's dragon dances, to fine porcelain pieces, and ink paintings created to protect Japanese Zen temples.

    The dragon's flexibility and ability to shape-shift are signatures of its power. We'll look to images of Kuan Yin and goddesses of talent and intelligence to inspire us in how "ride the dragon" and balance power with wisdom and compassion. 

  • Feedback on Symbol, Psyche, and the Sacred workshops

    “The workshop was excellent. My favorite part is the lecture part – as ever!
    The theme revealed itself, deeper and deeper... I’m reflecting on those new thoughts now.
    I so deeply appreciative of your skill, intuition, and insight,
    and your fine way of recognizing and nurturing the art each of us made.”
    – Peggy O'Donnell, Immigration Lawyer

    "It was a wonderful array of images. Much to ponder.
    Thank you so much for your research and beautiful presentation."
    - Joan Newcomb, Early Childhood Educator

    "The way you gently led the group in viewing those incredible sacred images,
    followed by hands-on creativity, allowed for a connection with my own guidance
    in a way that I didn’t think was possible!
    As it was, I departed the workshop with a better connection to my own truth!
    Thank you, Victoria!"

    – Donna DiFiore, Finance and Administration