• Who We Are

  • The Center for Sacred Art is an independent arts organization based in Seattle since 1997. We develop, produce, and present quality programming and content that illumines and celebrates the intersection of contemporary spirituality and the sacred arts. Our activities include educational events, public programs, research, and publications that are grounded in a historical understanding of sacred art.

    Our programs are known for their depth, beauty, and richness of content.  We focus on the heart-opening path of devotion (bhakti), and the mind-expanding path of knowledge and deep-understanding (jnana).

    Our approach is holistic and multifaith, as we explore the heart, mind and spirit of the world's sacred art traditions. We open doors to beauty and wisdom by providing understanding and contemplative experiences of chant, visual art, and sacred space.

    We offer a varied selection of programming through talks, residential and day retreats, concerts, and workshops. (See our upcoming and past events.)

    We seek to reclaim the practices and traditions of sacred art as a tool for supporting connection, spiritual growth, and healing. We are interested in re-establishing the traditional connection between sacred art and inner work (prayer and meditation, visualization, and other forms of spiritual practice).

    We believe sacred art is a uniquely effective vehicle for identifying resonances among religious and spiritual traditions throughout the world.

    The Center seeks to identify commonalties that lead to an integrative understanding of humanity and world sacred art.