• Victoria Scarlett, Director

  • For over 35 years Victoria has specialized in the understanding, appreciation, and history of sacred art, the visual culture of which it is a part, and its place in devotional and meditative practices. Her teaching combines respect for tradition and scholarly integrity with a passion for the transformative possibilities of sacred art for individuals today.

    Victoria comes from a family of artists and designers, where creativity was an integral and essential part of life.  Those early experiences led her to a career in art that has continued to grow in depth over the years.  Starting out as a practicing artist (her artwork has been shown internationally), she realized that her greatest passion is in guiding others in exploring and appreciating art. Her practical knowledge of art materials, techniques, and the creative process have been a great asset in the guidance of students. 

    In 2000 she founded the Center for Sacred Art with her husband, Joseph Anderson.  It enables her to combine her deep spirituality and interest in sacred art traditions of the world with her love of teaching.   Victoria’s interest in interfaith work, cross-cultural studies, and universal archetypes finds its perfect home at the Center--where she develops programs that seek an integrative understanding of the human experience, spirituality, and world sacred art traditions.

    Victoria's own art-making finds inspiration in the cultural and spiritual traditions of both Asia and Europe, and she takes particular joy in points of contact and commonality between them.  She’s a long-time student of Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging), a practice that grows out of her study of Japanese arts, culture, and Buddhism, her travels in Japan, and her experience living with Japanese artists.  She's also worked intensively with Eastern Christian sacred art traditions through learning how to paint Russian icons and plumbing the depths of Orthodox devotional cultural practices. Perhaps her integrative vision is best expressed through her collages and photo-montages, which explore the shared human experience that underlies cultural expressions of the sacred.

    Victoria is known for her warm-hearted teaching style that brings together inspiration and a love of beauty.  A knowledgeable and engaging speaker, she makes multi-cultural subjects--whether spiritual, aesthetic, or art historical--both accessible and compelling. Victoria's taught in a variety of settings throughout the Northwest (including universities, museums, conferences, spirituality and retreat centers, and cathedrals), led art tours in San Francisco and Seattle museums, and also curated educational university exhibits for a decade. Victoria’s training as an art educator includes an M.A. in Art History (University of Washington), an M.A. in Museum Studies, specializing in the interpretation of art (John F. Kennedy University), and a B.A. in Studio Art (San Francisco State University).

    Praise for Victoria's teaching

     “The workshop was excellent.  My favorite part is the lecture part – as ever!  The theme revealed itself, deeper and deeper... I’m reflecting on those new thoughts now.  I so deeply appreciative of your skill, intuition, and insight, and your fine way of recognizing and nurturing the art each of us made.” 
    "It was a wonderful array of images. Much to ponder.  Thank you so much for your research and beautiful presentation."
    "The way you gently led the group in viewing those incredible sacred images,  followed by hands-on creativity, allowed for a connection with my own guidance in a way that I didn’t think was possible!  As it was, I departed the workshop with a better connection to my own truth!  Thank you, Victoria!" 

    Those who have attended Victoria's talks, workshops, and retreats have described her presentations as "spiritual," "inspired, learned, and caring." Remarking on her programs as "very memorable," comments have included: "fabulous slides," "the images were gorgeous, your narrative was informative, authoritative and entertaining, and your delivery was well-paced." "All together it was a very memorable experience." At Evergreen State College where she's given guest presentations periodically, the hosting professor describes Victoria's talks as "a favorite among the students."